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The Foolproof way to step outside your Comfort Zone.

Everyone is a superhero.

Think of the people you admire.  Those unconventional forces of nature who dive headfirst into the uncomfortable, travel to faraway lands, start businesses, and live with an unquenchable love for life.

Sadly, our mind’s instinct is to trap us inside what’s comfortable.  Think back to something AWESOME that you (or a friend) has done recently.  Did it require a bit of courage to get to that point?

That’s why were here.  To go outside our comfort zones, because that’s where the magic happens.

Red Cape exists to empower you to discover you inner Superhero and do epic sh*t, one epic day at a time.

The human mind makes 35,000 decisions every day – from when to brush our teeth to whether or not we should have that important conversation – and it’s dangerously easy to choose the safe route.  Instead of asking someone we admire out for coffee or going to the gym, we tell ourselves stories of why it won’t work.  Our brain rationalizes away opportunity to avoid the possibility of failure.  Whether it’s public speaking or a fear of failure, everyone has Evil Supervillains lurking inside their minds.

Just like we follow a daily workout plan like p90x to get in better shape, how awesome would it be to train our minds to embrace what’s outside our comfort zone?  That’s where the magic happens.  It’s where we grow, become the best versions of ourselves, and conquer the fear that unconsciously limits our daily possibilities.

In our last 10 day prototype, one friend asked a girl out for the first time ever and another reported back with his first ever hitchhiking adventure – and absolutely loved it.  Now we’re running another.

Photo cred to the Bold Academy

Photo cred to the Bold Academy


If you so choose, for 10 days, you and a few friends can venture outside your comfort zone in our next beta.  To sign up, click on any of the pictures.  


STEP #1: Find a Sidekick

What we do is very rooted in the psychology of goal setting, and the #1 thing anyone can do to actually turn a goal into reality is to go after that goal with a friend – no matter how audacious or simple it is.  Sign up and find someone who’s just as crazy as you (we would love to help you too, if you can’t find anyone).

STEP #2: Take our Superhero Test

Let us know the goal you wish to conquer – whether its public speaking or the fear of failure – and we will design a database of secret missions just for you, all aimed at conquering your Arch Nemesis.  In future iterations, we’re planning on building out an assessment with a psychologist.  For now, we’re putting personal time into each tester and discover the Evil Super Villain they wish to conquer on a phone call.

STEP #3:  Conquer 10 Super Secret Superhero Missions

Every day, you’ll chose an epic secret mission and venture outside your comfort zone with your best friends.  Some are small 2 minute adventures like genuinely telling two absolute strangers that they’re beautiful.  Your last secret mission, should you choose to accept it, might involve a parachute and small aircraft.  Each step of the process is a small step taking you towards your end goal…

The GOAL: by the end of the 10 days, you will have made smashing fear a personal mantra.  You will have the ability to face failure head on and bring your audacious dream from the dusty recesses of your mind to life though daily action.

It’s big, it’s audacious, and this is just the beginning.

To jump on board, click here or on any of the pictures.


Is Red Cape for you?

Maybe, and maybe not.  If you don’t like it, we will donate your $5 to charity, no questions asked.

Disclaimer #1: We are McGyver, not Google.

This beta is a big experiment in the biggest sense of the word.  By the end of the year, plan on us helping a grand number of people embrace life outside their comfort zones, but for now, we need to figure out how to best do that.  You have the chance to have a major impact in how we build Red Cape moving forward.

Before we spend time and money hacking together an app, we need to learn what YOU want.  Til then, we’re using existing platforms and manually sending every text message you’ll get.  Also, complicit in this beta is the fact that you will give us feedback when it’s all done so we make this the best it can be.  We would be lost without you :)

Disclaimer #2: Love it or I donate your money to charity.

We learned last beta that people are more committed with skin in the game. That’s why it costs $5 per person, much less than it will be in 2 months (and 13x more fun than a cheap meal).  If at any time you don’t like what we’re up to, I’ll donate your $5 to the Acumen Fund to help change the way we tackle poverty, no questions asked.

HQ Contact information: Reach out if you have any thoughts, comments, or questions!!  I’m here to help.

Email: superheroexperiments(at)gmail(dot)com


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