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Current Super Secret Missions:

Day 1:

(1) Scream at the top of your lungs in Public WOOOO!!!!

(2) Introduce yourself to 2 people.

(3) Taste a cuisine you’ve never tasted.


Mission Brief:

Anku – An evil Super Villain has been on a rampage in your mind, steering you away from the epic sh*t you know you want to do.  In the streets, people innocently call this evil Super Villain “Comfort Zone”, but we know he is far more diabolical than that.

Let’s kick some ass.

For the next 10 days, you will take one tiny step outside your comfort zone with your team each ay, building towards conquering the “Comfort Zone” and ultimately going toe to toe with your Arch Nemesis: Starting a Blog.



Each day, it’s really simple.

(1) Choose your Mission

Each morning, HQ will send your team a link to this page in an group text app called “GroupMe“.  Up top we will put 3 Super Secret Missions (like you can see right now) that each should take no more than 5 minutes.  Text the group back with the ONE mission that you commit to conquer that day (#1, #2, or #3).

(2) Conquer your Mission

Once you accomplish your Super Secret Mission, send the group proof in the form of a picture message / video of the act, goofy antics, or a post-mission debrief.

(3) Repeat

After two days, give your team a call to debrief your two missions and plan the next.  Once you report back to HQ, the next two days of missions will be unlocked on this page.

Remember: The purpose of this beta is to learn how we can bring the most value to you, so send all your critiques and ideas back to SuperheroHQ.

The GOAL: By the end of the 10 days, you will have a few epic stories of life outside the comfort zone.  You will have a blog and life will be at least 3x more awesome (or at least, your comfort zone won’t hold you back).

In other words, become Ironman.



Disclaimer #1: We are McGyver, not Google.

This beta is a big experiment in the biggest sense of the word.  By the end of the year, plan on us helping a grand number of people embrace life outside their comfort zones, but for now, we need to figure out how to best do that.  You have the chance to have a major impact in how we build Red Cape moving forward.

Before we spend time and money hacking together an app, we need to learn what YOU want.  Til then, we’re using existing platforms and manually sending every text message you’ll get.  Also, complicit in this beta is the fact that you will give us feedback when it’s all done so we make this the best it can be.  We would be lost without you 🙂

Disclaimer #2: Love it or I donate your money to charity.

We learned last beta that people are more committed with skin in the game. That’s why it costs $5 per person, much less than it will be in 2 months (and 13x more fun than a cheap meal).  If at any time you don’t like what we’re up to, I’ll donate your $5 to the Acumen Fund to help change the way we tackle poverty, no questions asked.

HQ Contact information: Reach out if you have any thoughts, comments, or questions!!  Cell: 704-743-8932 or Email: superheroexperiments(at)gmail(dot)com


What do you think?

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