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(And take over the world)


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My Dad is a genius.  He failed 2nd grade and graduated “Magna Cum Barely” from college (his words, not mine).  It’s arguable that he can’t spell without the help of the animated Paperclip from Word 2000.  Secretly, I think it’s all an elaborate ploy to hide the inner Einstein that he channels from time to time.  If he was bald, I would pay money to rub his head for wisdom.

After my first year of college, I came home and apologized for the 74 grey hairs on his head (our family hypothesizes that they’re all my fault.  I plead the 5th).  My apology finished up with, “Dad, 90% of the things I hated on you for trying to hammer into my head the past 18  years makes sense now.  Thanks.”

Grinning, he responded, “Don’t worry.  The other 10% will make sense when you graduate.” Some families have pie recipes that put the food network to shame.  We have sarcasm and watch comedy central presents.

Today, Dad dropped another wisdom bomb.  I shared the business idea that I’m about to share with you and this is how he responded:

“Go for it Kevin.  All I care about is Swings and Passion.  That’s it.  If you’re swinging you’re learning, which is forward motion.  If you’re passionate, you’ll swing as hard as you can and have a good time.  That’s what matters.”


If I’ve ever uttered a profound word to you in the past, it was probably channeled from something my dad learned in his second try at 2nd grade.  He’s the man.

And so, I’m swinging.  Here’s a few other swings:

Walt Disney dropped out of high school and went bankrupt multiple times.  He was on the verge of bankruptcy all the way up until Mickey Mouse saved the day.

Henry Ford’s first car company went bankrupt.  When Henry Ford started his third company, it was his first success.  Ford Motor Company arguably changed the world.

The list goes on and doesn’t even include all the people who succeeded wildly, just not wildly enough to have museums built after them.  I graduated a few weeks ago after an awesome education exploring entrepreneurship and a treasure trove of other passions, and it’s time to put this education into action and take a swing.

And I need your help.


Here’s my swing: A bold business

I’m obsessed with what it takes for people to believe in themselves. Why do some of us realize our childhood dream of setting foot in Japan when others simply don’t? Everyone has an inner superhero. I’m here to help us choose to put our capes on.

So, here’s a business designed to do just that.

Just like we follow a daily workout plan like p90x to get in better shape, how awesome would it be to train our minds to embrace what’s outside our comfort zone? That’s where the magic happens.

We tested the concept for 10 days with 10 friends (here’s v1.01) a few weeks ago.  Looking past the inevitable interesting-ness of a first test run, it was a runaway success.  One friend asked a girl out for the first time ever.  Another reported back with his first ever hitchhiking adventure – and absolutely loved it.

On the platform I’m building, Superheroes just like you can find their capes. We design and help you choose daily secret missions that you will follow with a few friends for 10 – 30 days.  It’s designed just for you; we base every secret missions you attempt on the Evil Villain you wish to vanquish – whether that’s public speaking or the fear of failure.

Each day, you do one simple thing – from telling two strangers that they’re beautiful to doing an open mike night – and on the last day, you and your friends will take a big step towards whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do.

It’s big, it’s audacious, and this is just the beginning.  I see thousands of people overcoming the daily fears that hold us back and putting on their own capes.  If prototyping goes well, we’ll have an app in the next months.

We’re prototyping v1.02, and I’d love your help.

Here’s how you can do it.

1. Help me name my baby (it will take 14 seconds max, I counted)

I’m torn between the names “SuperheroesU”, “Red Cape”, or using “Superhero Experiments” for this concept.

2. Suggest A Secret Mission (or 3) (17.3 seconds if you type with more               than two fingers)

We’re building a database of secret missions taking people outside their comfort zones.  Everyone’s experience is built especially for them based on their end goal, which means we need a TON of good Secret Missions.  

3. Sign up for the Beta (9 seconds flat)

If this sounds as super awesome to you as it does to me, leave your email here and I’ll let you know when we start our next beta.

One Last Thing

We learned last time that people are more committed with skin in the game.  For the next round of betas, I’m toying with the idea of charging $5 (much less than it will be when we have a working platform).  If at any time you don’t like what we’re up to, I’ll donate your $5 to the Acumen Fund, no questions asked.  Just want to be completely transparent.

comfort zones




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