Ahoy there Seth!! – Pick me

Hi Seth,

I feel really grateful to have the chance to work with you.

Welcome to my home!  It’s built with love, and I hope you like it.  I’m a believer that if you want to know a man, look at his work and the impact he’s had on others.

You said no points for fireworks or other shenanigans, so I’ll give it to you straight.  If you want to get to know the real me, start here.

Also, I take no responsibility for people who troll the internet, posting willy nilly on their friend’s blogs.  Especially not the recommendations below.

Good luck looking through all the applications!!




PS. For any friends dropping by, here’s an awesome opportunity.  If you’re not familiar with Seth Godin, he’s one of my heroes / a TED speaker / a bestselling writer / an uber successful entrepreneur and just opened up a short internship to help build his next project for two weeks. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

The last internship launched the Domino Project and published 12 bestsellers in a row. If this tickles your toes one bit, apply. It will only take an hour and might be a gamechanger. I know what you’re thinking, “But you’re applying, Kevin?  We’ll be competing.”  Maybe.  Probably not.  My impression is that he’s building a team, which means our skill sets are most likely suited for different roles.  I’m here to help 🙂

32 thoughts on “Ahoy there Seth!! – Pick me

  1. Seriously, Seth. Pick him. Best decision you’ll ever make. It only took me a couple of hours after meeting Kevin to know that I could probably save the world if he agreed to come along and do it with me.

  2. If you want somebody with an infectious sense of optimism, great potential to capitalize on new and exciting ideas, and the willpower to do it, pick this man. It’ll do ya good.

  3. Kevin is someone who is hard to miss. He can and does change the world around him. There are few people I’ve ever met willing to energize the people around them to make a few ripples in the mundane and break the mold. He is someone truly special, and every chance to come in contact with him is an experience of electrified positivity. There is no better choice for someone to work with.

  4. Seth, after you have picked Kevin Miller and had the pleasure of knowing him, you’ll understand first hand why all who interact with him say he is amazing. He is among the most genuine, passionate, and driven people I have ever met. I believe you’ll find few who will be as much of a pleasure to work with as this gentleman. I can say personally that he is quite the inspiration to me in becoming the type of person I aim to be on a daily basis. Kevin is that guy who will not talk himself up, rather he will continually give of himself and make the selfless decisions in the daily grind of life and work. If you’re as smart as I know you to be seth ( like kevin, you inspire me as well), you’ll choose Kevin Miller. Cheers!

  5. Seth, I have seen your TED talk and could not agree with you more on your philosophy of social business. Kevin bleeds social business and he is the right guy to not only help you, but teach you something new. He always has disruptive ideas. I envy the time you two will spend together; most of us can’t get five minutes of Kevin!

  6. Kevin’s positive energy is infectious. He lights up a room when he walks through the door. He does great work, but more importantly, he makes other people feel good–essential for any team that wants to thrive.

  7. If there’s one person in the world I would trust to get a job done right it’s Kevin Miller. He is a master communicator with a huge, infectious smile. Not only is he a great writer and speaker, he pays attention to the details in the people around him and constantly encourages them to be better and believe in themselves. He’s able to do this because he seriously has unconditional confidence in himselfand his ability to achieve whatever he wants; but he is also humble, and extremely easy to talk to. I can’t think of one bad thing to say about this guy. If I were you Kevin would absolutely be top of my list.

  8. Sitting in a room with Kevin is equated to sitting in the room with the next BIG thing. After hearing Kevin speak for even a minute, you’ll find yourself compelled to travel, discover, and change the world. Working with Kevin means working with one of the most optimistic, hardworking, but most of all charismatic individuals out there. Is laugh is infectious, his spirit contagious, and above all else, his determination and ability to dream and think outside the box is truly remarkable. Seth, you can find no one more suited for a position in your office than Kevin.

  9. Kevin’s energy and spirit is absolutely contagious. He definitely lights up any room he enters and is amazingly supportive. In the short time I’ve known him, his positivity and openness has truly blown me away. Do the world a favor, Seth, pick this dude. He’s got one of the friendliest smiles in the game!

  10. Seth, you’ll do well to add Kevin as an addition to your team. He is gifted yet driven, pragmatic yet creative and optimistic, and he has the ability to initiate and foster positive social change in almost any situation. I’m sure that Kevin’s words and those of his other peers will do him even more justice.

    In life there is always opportunity to be seized. Kevin has put himself in a position to grab hold of this chance, please give it to him!

  11. Kevin = Purple Cow.

    One time I had a conversation where all he did was smile at me the whole time in different ways. Somehow I could understand.

    Hes the kind of guy whose presence makes you act like the best version of yourself.

  12. Kevin is the energizer bunny that never stops. He radiates energy, positivity and vision. He is the master of seeing opportunity in everything around him and has the biggest heart in the whole world, he is truly a jOYBOMB! Hard working, goal oriented, ambitious, and with dreams and aspirations bigger than life. No question, he’s the man you are looking for.

  13. Seriously, Seth (the Man). If you’re looking for CHARISMA or ENERGY FOR CHANGE or even A DAMN GOOD TIME, I highly suggest you pick Kevin for your internship. You’d be blind to pass him by, BLIND I TELL YOU!!

  14. Kevin Miller is relentlessly trying to make the world a better place. He’s truly passionate about what he does and isn’t that what one strives for? Seth, if you need someone who’s passionately curious about everything, Kevin’s your man!

  15. Kevin is your ultimate connector, listens to learn, and your ultimate team player. He’s someone people enjoy being with and supporting, and his default intention is to do “good” things, rather than selfish things.

  16. There are few people in this world as beautiful as Kevin Miller. He makes friends out of strangers, inspires everyone around him to fully realize their potential, and if there was ever an attack on Earth by an oppressive alien race I would bet you that Kevin would lead the human rebellion.

    Let me tell you, there is something incredibly valuable about having the next savior of mankind on your team.

  17. I can only echo what’s already been written. When I thought of words to describe Kevin’s personality, charisma, and work ethic, the words “infectious” and “contagious” came to mind. I glanced at the comments above, and they were already taken. That’s because it’s true. Kevin is incredibly creative and deeply passionate about everything that he does, and despite being very knowledgable and skilled, he listens carefully, maintains extraordinary humility, and effuses nothing but encouragement and support for those around him. He’s truly inspiring, and it would be huge mistake to not hire him.

  18. Kevin is a doer. He takes action. He is not afraid to do something different, or crazy, to bring something that he believes in to life. His actions do all the talking – so give him a chance to act, and he won’t let you down.

  19. Kevin has this contagious positive energy that makes it just pleasant to talk to him, but he is not only a person filled with positiveness. He is an amazing entrepreneur and has a pure willingness to bring big and good impact to the society and to change the world for good. He is very resourceful and kind as well – the compassion he has makes him pursue more and more. One of the most amazing friends that I have – Seth, I am sure you will not regret picking him.

  20. Kevin is one of those people you never forget. When you meet him, you see everything differently. He’s not one to sit and wait for opportunities to come to him. He chases them down and tackles them right in front of you. I can’t think of anyone more worthy of this than Kevin. Don’t let this amazing person pass you by.

  21. Kevin is one of my most favoritest people, and I surround myself with only the greats, those that aren’t looking to the side to judge themselves by their peers, but to their inner divine and imagination. He is someone who inspires me to be a better version of myself. My favorite saying: “Keep being awesome, someone fucking has to” is his mantra as well. He brings a bundle of positivity, creativity, humble fire and “no limits” attitude to everything he does. Seth, you would be so pleased to meet him and enjoy all that he can bring to your team. Kevin is one of the greats.

  22. Most hardworking, passionate, skilled, and optimistic entrepreneur you will find. You’ll fall in love with his charm and keep him for his work ethic. He’ll learn from you and you’ll learn from him 🙂

  23. In a land of mere mortals, there lies an exceptional one among us that defies the capabilities of man. Exceptional not because he possesses any mutant ability to fly or save the day, but because he gives the rest of us the wings to save ourselves. Thank God for Obama.

    And for his equally awesome, fairer-complexioned, younger brother from another mother, Kevin Miller.

    Kevin is every bit the above superhero, every bit the “genuine, inspiring, smiley, unreasonable, changer-of-the-world,” proclaimed in his manifesto. I can’t vouch for his sanity – anyone as infectiously excited to be alive and sincerely well-intentioned (as he) must have a few screws loose – but I can tell you that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone of greater character, drive, and doggon likability than Kevin.

    Seth, he’s the real deal.

  24. Seth. I merely reinforce the above comments, and hope you realize what a gem you have found for your team. Kevin is an innovative game changer with brilliant ideas and a respect for all that is Other. He is constantly scheming, thinking, and expanding himself to create bigger and better ways of living and interacting in this world. I personally know Kevin from our summer of selling educational books door to door with the Southwestern Company. He knows how to work hard to get what he wants, and how to empower others to see life in the same structured limitless-ness that he has discovered. I am in awe of his authentic optimism, his drive for betterment, and his incredible skills in social business that I cannot personally comprehend.

  25. Kevin is one of the most amazing people I know, not only for his talent, but for his passion, optimism, and motivation. Not giving him an opportunity would be a sure mistake.

  26. Kevin is one of the most generous and inspiring superheroes I know. He is always building a better world one laugh, brilliant idea, and crazy followthrough step at a time. He will have a huge impact on the world whether you pick him or not, but you’d be missing out on having him provide jet-fuel for your project if you don’t pick him.

  27. Seth,

    Kevin and I have been working together over the past year to start a non-profit organization called Pennies 4 Progress. Without a doubt, Kevin is an incredible co-founder, salesman, and mentor. He has taught me everything I know about entrepreneurship and guided the growth of our vision. He truly has mastered the art of Gyshido (Get Your S*&# Done) and has brought so much value to Pennies that I hope you see the incredible potential he could do with you. You’re a rock-star and Kevin is one of the best guys to have in your band.


  28. I can’t thank you all enough for the love. It’s like Christmas morning. Seth should get back to me by the middle of June and I’ll let everyone know what happens.

    No matter how it goes, you all are all santa in my eyes – bear and all – and this has been a wonderfully magical ride. Thanks 🙂

  29. Hi Seth,

    Kevin Miller is the type of person who will make things happen while making sure everyone involved has a smile on their face. In addition to his many significant accomplishments in the social impact space, Kevin is truly a person who I would love to have as a teammate on a project. His personality Iights up a room and he is willing to both get his hands dirty by doing the necessary tasks but also contribute at a highly intellectual and analytical level. Having led a few MIT social impact projects abroad and having worked at one of the big three consulting firms, I can tell you, Seth, that Kevin will truly be a huge asset to the team you are building this summer.

  30. Hey everyone – It looks like I won’t be working with Seth this time, but thank you for the amazing love. You all blow me away.

    And Seth said we might be able to meet up in a week when I’m up in NY. Story TBD 🙂

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