A Message from Superhero HQ

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Attention Superheroes:

BIG news from Superhero HQ!  It’s our 6 month anniversary.  Put your party hats on everyone, it’s time for a Superhero Experiments month-birthday, which coincidentally coincides with my 22nd birthday!!  How dandy.

When we started, my mom, dad, and I formed a fierce community of three readers.  I didn’t think it could get better.

6 months, 22 posts, 20,501 words, and an explosive experiment or two later, over 100 people tune in each time our superhero show comes on.  I’ve found my voice as a budding writer.  Even more fantastic, the ‘experiments’ that used to live in the cartoon world of my mind (with the a Road-Runner-esque me blowing things up in my hypothetical little world) have come to life.

Books and seasoned writers will tell you to write for someone – a friend who will resonate with your work, a specific audience, or a hypothetical person.  I write for myself.  Every time I put pen to paper (or tickle my mac keys in a coffee shop) I’m writing myself a letter of sorts.  Call it a mini manifesto.  And each time, my goal is to move myself to action.   I want to read what I’ve written and change in some way, think about the world a little differently, or be inspired to action.  I want to be moved.

You have responded with a wave of positive feedback and – most awesomely – pictures of Month-birthdays!  Justin wins most epic picture thus far.  Our 36 Relationship questions, as goofy as they are, are spreading to mentorship groups at NC State and being used by pen pals.  I had NO IDEA you all were so awesome.  I can’t stop smiling thinking about it.

You blow me away.

We started with a simple idea: everyone is a superhero.  We are all born with amazing superpowers hiding inside of us, waiting to be unleashed on the world.  These superpowers bring the unreasonable dreams occupying the dusty recesses of our minds to life.  We can make everyday awesome, and we can change the world.  It’s up to us to uncover our superpowers, unlocking every ounce of awesome that’s hiding inside us.

We’re also all human, plagued by our inner demons.   No matter who you are, the same fear, apathy, and mediocrity wages war inside of you that sieges my mind ever single day.

We’re all the same, and we’re all special.

Today is my birthday and I would just like to say thank you, special people.  For reading, for making this fun, for your love along the way, and for who you are.  I’m too lucky for words.

Written with love,



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