The Most Epic Smile Inducing Video Marathon Ever

kid p - you can't be sad with a cupcake


Only continue if smiling is on your agenda for the night.  Some of these videos will make you cry and some will inspire you to action.  All will activate facial muscles in a smiley manner.  You have been warned.


The Warm UP: Kid President’s Pep Talk

What happens when a breakable kid (he’s got Osteoporosis) and his best friend (who’s conveniently an epic videographer) set out to pep talk the world?


The time to be awesome is now.


The Smile Factory: Cane’s Arcade

What happens when the next Walt Disney builds his own arcade out of cardboard in his dad’s auto parts shop?   Smiles.  Just smiles.  You can’t help but do anything else.  It’s too awesome.

Cane will steal your heart.


The Sensei of Smiles: Mr. Happy Man

What happens when a smiley Bermudan man sits at an intersection Monday through Friday from 4:30am – 10am telling everyone, “I love you!  I love you baby!  I love you!”?

The whole world smiles.


The Gran Finale: People are Amazing*

Hands down the most epic video of all time.  Just watch it.  3 minutes of Real life superheroes with a damn good soundtrack.


Written with love,


PS. We didn’t tell you at the beginning, but if you smiled while watching these, you’re obligated to join our tribe of real life superheroes (on the left).  We don’t make the rules. 

* Thank you to for the epic find!


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