Life is crazy: I’m off to Hong Kong

hong kong skyline


Sometimes, life is simply crazy.

My Pennies 4 Progress co-founder Ryan calls me Thursday at 1am hysterically demanding that I check my email.

The headline:

Congratulations for getting into the Semi-Final round of the PolyU Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition!

Cool!  We applied to compete in a competition at the biggest University in Hong Kong last January.   I’d honestly forgotten about it.

Please respond to the inquiries below so we can arrange transport to Hong Kong.


This is not real.

It’s been 2 days and they haven’t called to take it back.  It must be real.

We pulled all nighters for half a dozen competitions since our first big break last September.  Every single one rejected us.

But we kept trying.  ‘Quit’ never got anyone anywhere.

Now we’re off to Hong Kong FOR FREE with the chance to win $5,000 in startup capital.

I just took the excitement elevator up to cloud 9, climbed out the top like James Bond, and floated up to cloud 10.

All I have to say is 歡迎黎到香港.  

Welcome to Hong Kong.

In disbelief,


* Thank you Ryan, Brandon, and Shreye for making this happen.

** Follow the adventure on the left to join our tribe of superheroes!

*** Photo Cred to Top Ten Lists


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