New Frontiers: Monthly Experiments

man should be brave

Photo cred to the Bold Academy

Arr ye Crime Fighters n’ Cape Wearers,

Batton down the hatches lads n’ lasses, the Superhero Experiment Ship’s settin’ sail fer new horizons, battlin’ waves for booty!

*Cue Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack*

This community started as one BIG experiment.  It’s time to get bigger and braver.

The Original Hypothesis:

Part #1 – Life is awesome if we make it.

For those of us with a roof over our heads, that decision is completely in our hands.

To get there, Authenticity is the fuel that gives us wings to fly.

Luckily, everyone has their own unique superpowers stemming from their goals and the experiences that shape who they are.

Once we get in touch with what we truly love, we burst out of the Superhero telephone booth of mediocrity ready to kick ass, take names, fight crime, and do good.

The best time to become a Superhero is yesterday.

The world needs us.  Let’s create the change we want to see.

Be brave. Start now.

Part #2 – We all create our own maps.

Books, teachers, universities, and career experts pretend to know it all.  They don’t.

None of us have the answers.

We’re all forging our own paths, hacking through the forest of life and learning from the experience.

Hopefully through sharing my successes and failures a few people can forge their own path.

It’s resonating.  After each post, a few friends and strangers say thank you.  I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have people I admire express a simple thank you when I started this with no idea how it would go.  Honestly, it’s beautiful.  I love you all.

Now let’s Think Bigger.

New Frontiers

Times be a changin’ round here at Superhero HQ.  Here’s what’s in store for our community.

1) More

Full disclosure: while it may seem like I enjoy doing things that scare the begeeses out of most people (I do), writing publicly is by far the scariest thing I’ve done this year.  Putting an idea out to the world to be critiqued is as vulnerable as being commando in short gym shorts.  You really never know what will happen.

At the best of times, the gift of writing inspires a change in perspective or positive action.  At the worst of times, people bitch, moan, and hate.  I’ve gotten mail from both camps.

Leaning into fear is addicting and writing gets more fun as I do it, so let’s up the ante.

Look forward to more posts and more awesome each week.  Once meatier post every Monday with some extra awesome sprinkled in when the creative wheels turn.**

2) Monthly Experiments

Next week we will embark on an epic quest to new lands.  Knowledge is nothing without action, and I love challenging the status quo with experiments, so we’re launching a new quest I’m very excited about:

Real Superhero Experiments.

Crazy things pop into my mind all the time.  Some days I walk around in ‘cartoon world’ with the imagination of a 4 year old.

What would it be like to go homeless for a weekend?

I wonder what it’s like to be blind?

Wow.  What if we checked email twice a day…?  The world might end.

Why do we actually use shampoo?

Time to test them.

We will begin documenting monthly “Experiments” where members of our community will conduct a social experiment then report back to this community with their findings – ideally with goofy pictures and a little insight.

The intention here is simple: to broaden our horizons and challenge the established way of doing things.

As we explore uncharted territory we will dive into whatever experiments – big or small – could create an interesting learning experience.

The wind that powers our sails is your inspiration and feedback.  I’d love ideas.  Comment with what you think!

Written with love,



*Written with the help of the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack.  It can make anything feel like the duty of a Ship Captain, no matter how mundane.  What more could we want?

**A mentor, Pascal Finette, inspired me to start running faster and writing more.  We both started online portals for our musings around the same time, and while I’ve produced a few thousand words of long form posts, Pascal dropped 80+ posts of knowledge at The Heretic.  If you’re interested in Tech Entrepreneurship, Running, or being a badass check him out.


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